Maritime Law

We offer integral services of maritime and port consultancy in Venezuela, providing specialized legal assistance in all areas of the maritime business.

In our practice we represent numerous clients in the maritime and port sector, both national and international, including companies in the energy, international trade and oil & gas sectors. Our legal services also include advice in the area of risk, insurance/P&I placement and international regulations.

Maritime and port consultancy services:

  • Legal consulting on compliance and implementation of international port regulations (IMO, ISPS port security plans).
  • Legal advice on the different coverage and plans to face and present claims.
  • Legal advice on maritime transport contracts, containerized and bulk cargo of all kinds.
  • Registration of all types of vessels and offshore platforms.
  • Management of maritime claims, cargo, transportation, civil liability, spills and insurance.
  • Strategic analysis for the implementation of shipping and port operations.

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